bulb «buhlb», noun, verb.
1. a round, underground bud consisting of a small stem covered with thick, fleshy leaves from which certain plants grow. Onions, tulips, and lilies grow from bulbs.
2. any plant that has a bulb or grows from a bulb. The narcissus is a bulb.
3. the thick part of an underground stem resembling a bulb; tuber or corm: »

a crocus bulb.

4. any object with a rounded end or swelling part: »

the bulb of a thermometer.

5. the glass container surrounding the filament of an incandescent lamp or the electrodes of a fluorescent lamp.
6. an electron tube.
7. a) = medulla oblongata. (Cf.medulla oblongata) b) a roundish dilation of any cylindrical organ or structure in an animal body.
to swell into a bulb or bulbs.
[< Latin bulbus < Greek bolbós]
bulb´less, adjective.

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